Books and other Writing

What Does Matt Write?

Weird Stuff, Mostly. Let’s be honest. There’s zombies in there, some steampunk, horror, science fiction. It’s just plain weird.

Murderous black birds.

You know.  

And Poetry.

White Anvil:

Sasquatch Onslaught

Genetically-altered Sasquatches descend on survivors of a train wreck. It really doesn’t go well for anyone.

Underwater Fistfight

Some of that poetry I mentioned. It’s been called poetry for people who hate poetry and I’m not mad about that. Contains poems about Elvis, Bigfoot, UFOs and more.

The Boogeyman’s Intern

Where do the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster and all the other ‘Imaginary’ things go when they aren’t wandering the Earth? Find out in this adult murder/mystery. Seriously, it’s for adults.

Shadow Beneath The Waves

Treasure hunters find a giant war machine and accidentally free an enormous monster. Mech vs Kaiju.

Indelible Ink

An assassin has horrific powers that help her carry out her crimes. When she wants to go legit, her boss isn’t happy.

Odd Men Out and Red Gear 9

Two books in the Odd Men Out series. Follow our heroes as they attempt to keep the peace in this steampunk/alternate history/adventure.

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