“Matt Betts doesn’t seem to know all writers get put into a box. He ignores genres and boundaries and simply writes what his imagination wants. His stories are what make reading fun.”

Greg Hall, Everyone Hates a Hero

Matt Betts is an author, speaker, parent and poet.

He likes weird things. Isn’t that what really matters?

You should really read his work!

The Loveland Frogman Festival was really hopping

The Frogman Festival was so much fun, and a real chance to check out all things cryptid! There were a lot of Mothman fans, some Bigfoot lovers and more at this show’s first year. The event took place in conjunction with a big MetaZoo tournament, and it brought lots of fun attendees. Can’t wait for next year!

#frogman #bigfoot #cryptid #nessie #cryptids #cryptidhunters #podcasters #LovelandOhio #LovelandFrogmanFestival #lovelandfrogman

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